Welcome on the GDR CNRS 3274 DynQua Quantum Dynamics

Mathematics and physics bi-thematic research group

Supported by INSMI and INP (CNRS)
Coordinators N. Anantharaman, J.M. Bouclet, B. Douçot, F. Hérau


(Last update November 26th, 2021)



  • The 14th conference 2022 of the GDR dynqua will take place in Toulouse from 23 to 25th of February 2022, save the date !
  • Some new positions (PhD, MCF, post docs, opportunities, tenure tracks...) are listed below (sometimes with very short deadlines).
  • Some workshop and conferences coming and/or supported by the GDR are listed below
  • Mensual seminar Spectral problems in mathematical physics at IHP, beginning of each month, in online mode.

Some coming workshops, schools and conferences

  • A two days meeting "Hamiltonian afternoon" is organized in Bordeaux from 14th to 15th of December, 2021. For more information contact rafik.imekraz@univ-lr.fr.
  • The "conférence itinérante du GDR EDP" is organized in Vannes from 2nd to 4th of February 2022. Support for participants is available, see the registration webpage now open.
  • The conference 2022 of the GDR dynqua will take place in Toulouse from 23 to 25th of February 2022, save the date !

Some available jobs, postdoctoral positions and doctoral grants

  • Four postdoctoral positions are open at Centre Henri Lebesgue, in one of the math dept of the center  (Nantes, Angers, Vannes, Brest, Rennes). deadline for application is 31th of January 2022, for a Beginning in sept 2022. More info and application on the webpage of the call.
  • A Maître de conference position is open in Angers in 2022 in "interaction between probability and math physics". see the description webpage for more information.   
  • The fondation Jacques Hadamard opens 6 postdoctoral position, including one in Math and theoretical physics. deadline for application the 1st of Decemebr. More info one the webpage of the call.
  • A postdoctoral position is open in LAAS (Toulouse) in game theory and spectral analysis. Expected date of employment 1 February 2022. More information here.
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