Past events supported or announced by DYNQUA




  • The 2024 meeting of DynQua will take place at CY Advanced Studies, Neuville-sur-Oise, 31 jan-2 feb. Organization committee : L. Bruneau, L. Garrigue, C. Rojas-Molina, A. Shirikyan, M. Wrochna. Registration is open.
  • Mathematical Aspects of Quantums Mechanics - Winter school in Toulouse organized by T. Benoist, J.-M. Bouclet, C. Pellegrini, J. Royer, IMT 15-19 January 2024
  • "Spectral Analysis for Quantum Hamiltonians", organized by P. Briet, V. Bruneau, P. Miranda, A. Taarabt. CIRM 15-19 January, 2024.












  • Final conference of the ANR Gerasic "spectral geometry, graphs and semi-classical analysis" from 11 to 15 of December 2017, Aussois (org. L. Hillairet, S. Nonnenmacher, G. Rivière) . Info and registration here.
  • A Masterclass around PDEs will take place in Strasbourg (courses by Jean-Michel Coron, David Dos Santos Ferreira, Isabelle Gallagher et Geneviève Raugel) from 15 to 19 of January 18. Information, registration and support request here.
  • Conference "new aspects of localization", 27-28 Nov 2017, (org. G. Lemarié et B. Georgeot). Registration and info on the website here.
  • Franco-german meeting "Aspect17 - Analyse asymptotique et théorie spectrale", from 25 to 29 of September 17 at Trèves (Germany, about 3h30 from Paris). Registration on the website of the conference Here
  • Summer school at Nantes, 3-7 of July, 2017 "Aspects analytiques des flots hyperboliques". Registration and info on the website here
  • The 5th Strasbourg-Zurich meeting Frontiers in Analysis and Probability will take place in Strasbourg on March 23 and 24, 2017. The topic will be Quantum many-body problems, semiclassical analysis and variational methods. Info and registration on the website of the conference.
  • The workshop "New Aspects of Localization'' hold in Toulouse, IRSAMC seminar room, on November 27-28, 2017, organized by B. Georgeot and G. Lemarié. More info here :
  • Conference "Inverse problems and related fields", Marseille from November 2017, 23th to 24th (org M. Cristofol et E. Soccorsi) more info here.
  • Conference Equations hyperboliques et physique mathématique , May 29 to June 1st, 2017, Bordeaux
  • Journées de Physique Mathémathique LYON, 7 -- 9 June 2017, QUANTUM FIELD THEORIES ON CURVED SPACE-TIMES. The speakers (minicourse or talks) will be Christian BROUDER (IMPMC, Paris), Stefan HOLLANDS (Leipzig University), Kasia REJZNER (University of York), Alexander STROHMAIER (Loughborough University). please contact bofore April 1st the organizers for financial support for students and young researchers (Nguyen Viet Dang,, Stefan Hohenegger, Johannes Kellendonk, Henning Samtleben or Fabien Vignes-Tourneret
  • Conference Geometrical and Topological Structures of Information , CIRM, 28 august to 1st september, 2017
  • The 9th conference of the GDR dynqua took place at Toulon from 22th to 24th of February 2017 (local organizers J.-M. Barbaroux, P. Briet, C.-A. Pillet).




  • Spectral Days 2014, CIRM, juin 2014
  • Journées Problèmes spectraux et systèmes dynamiques hyperboliques (Bordeaux), mai 2014
  • Workshop of the ANR project Nosevol 3, Rennes, 7th to 9th of April, 2014
  • The 6th annual conference of the GDR DynQua will take place at Roscoff, from February 5 to 7, 2014. It was organized by J.P. Nicolas and S. Nonnenmacher.